Determining the design CRITERIA, doing the RESEARCH, creating the CONCEPT, and finally creating the DESIGN. In order to get through these steps, we need to be able to develop a connection with the client in order to create a successful message.

How do we go about getting through these steps? First, we talk to you to clarify your objectives and gain a understanding what you really want. After this comes a written statement which consists of a clear description of your objectives and how we will meet them. The statement is the 'schema'.

Next, we analyze the design criteria.This is the place for cost analysis.
• What is the budget for the intended project?
• Is there a time constraint?
• Will photos need to be taken or located?
Knowing and understanding the deadlines will aid in the successful completion of the design.

Then comes the research. This is where you provide us with any specific information about the product or service, which will be in addition to our own independant research. There can never be too much information.

The last step is analysis of the solution to the design problem.
• Did the design meet your objectives?
• Did the end result make you see what you felt in your gut?
• Were you satisfied with the message the design creates?

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