schemadesign is an artistic collaboration between Nicole Simmons and Nancy Routh. Together we are fully equipped
to handle any kind of design
project that you require.

We will do our best to help you
feel at ease and comfortable as
we work with you in the process
of your design.

To introduce ourselves...

I am Nicole or also known as Dreamckr. I am a very minimalist designer. Though I love breaking the boundaries of design. I look for ways to creatively bring about different elements. Although being minimalist that doesn't bind me in reaching out of my comfort zone.
I am always eager to take on a new challenge.

My name is Nancy, and unlike Nicole I am an organic designer. I like creating with decorative lines and natural colors within a structured grid. I enjoy knowing the rules, so I can break them. I love the challenges because the ability to be dynamic within the bounderies of design.